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Finding an Attorney in St. Louis Park Minnesota

Attorney in St. Louis Park, Minnesota offers quality legal services to residents of the area and people from all over the world. The firm was established in 1923 and has grown to become one of the best known and most experienced law firms in the state. The firm can handle a wide variety of residential and commercial properties for all kinds of owners. The staff is friendly and helpful. They can provide help in dealing with the foreclosure process as well as other legal matters.

Attorney in St. Louis Park Minnesota


Most of the attorneys at Attorney in St. Louis Park, Minnesota are family lawyers. This means that they have dealt with and still are dealing with family-related matters such as divorce, child custody battles, and grandparent child custody disputes. It is important to remember that these cases involve a great deal of legal terminology. Therefore, it is vital that legal firms take care to only employ qualified and practicing attorneys. This will ensure that the legal issues are settled fairly and without any outside influence.

Attorney in St. Louis Park, Minnesota has three lawyers. They are seasoned trial lawyers with many years of experience under their belts. Their work ethic is impeccable and their dedication to their profession is second to none. The firm is committed to providing its clients with honest and ethical services. Each attorney at the firm is fully versed with the local laws and their familiarity with the workings of the courts in St. Louis Park and around the rest of the state.


There is no fee for being admitted to the law firm and there are many opportunities for education and training in the various areas of law. Attorneys are trained to provide quality legal representation to all individuals. There are several ways in which to locate attorneys in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Many bar associations have referral services available for law firms, so if an attorney is referred by a friend or colleague then they can be easily located. Another way to locate an attorney in St. Louis Park is through the Internet, where many law firms list information about their services and offices.

Any person wishing to hire an attorney in St. Louis Park must do their research carefully. They should first make sure that the particular attorney in question has experience in the area in which they need assistance. The bar association can be a good source of referrals because this organization keeps records on all attorneys who have been licensed to practice in the state. Another useful way of finding attorneys in St. Louis Park is through the court system in this area. Many court houses maintain records on all cases that have been filed within the court. This will allow the individual searching for an attorney to see if they have a case that may be similar to the one being sought by the attorney.

After the initial screening of potential attorneys in St. Louis Park is completed the next step is to review all the possible choices. It is important to examine the types of cases handled within the court and the experience of each of the lawyers that will be considered. The courthouse will have specific information on the cases handled within the court and this will be extremely helpful when interviewing attorneys. Individuals should also be aware of any awards that have been made in past cases within the court and these will be useful information to consider when making their final decision.

When interviewing attorneys, it is always best to ask questions regarding past cases handled in the St. Louis Park area. Individuals need to find an attorney that has handled cases similar to the case that they are seeking legal advice for. By asking questions concerning past cases handled, the attorney in question can provide individuals with an accurate analysis of the legalities involved in the matter.

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